About me

Coming from the Champagne region (France) and passed by the training center of the Stade de Reims soccer team, I am an entrepreneur engaged in different fields.

Current treasurer of the think tank «digital Renaissance» and board member of several associations, I have co-written with Patrick Blanchet the book «Entrepreneur with a difference».

In this book we discuss the values that have allowed me to create my first business at the end of my studies and overcome my disability (loss of vision at 15).

After two IT businesses I co-founded JCPMY company («I can’t believe my eyes»), an audiovisual enterprise that humorously addresses the topics of diversity and coexistence.

Simultaneously I had written, co-written more exactly, screenplays of feature films for cinema and television.

Collaborative work is the key desire to do things seriously without being taken too seriously. The idea «To each his style and limits». Being yourself rather than an imitation. And even when you are graduated from Sciences-Po and ESSEC business school (top French academia).

To discover me with a more personal view, here is my resume reviewed and commented on with key dates and topics which may illustrate my conferences:

  • June 12th 2015: The ascent by tandem cycling with Guillaume Buffet of Mont Ventoux (French mountain). A sport and humane adventure of six months retraced in the documentary «Tandem conquest» directed by Henri Poulain.
  • January 2012: Begin writing the original script «Every reason to be happy» based on my life story for cinema and television… followed by the co-writing of several screenplays.
  • December 2010: Creation with Guillaume Buffet of JCPMY company and launching of our first webseries «I can’t believe my eyes».
  • October 10th 2010: The birth of our daughter Chloe. Born on 10/10/10, a very nice wink to his dad who loves soccer. A future fan of the Stade de Reims soccer team like her parents? 😉
  • July 3rd 2010: Marriage with Corinne. Rather than a long speech in which I would praise the qualities of Corinne, discover us out of the town hall with this image which reveals the next key date…
  • August 3rd 2008: Death of Cedric, my brother. An intelligent man of great sensitivity, genuine kindness and generosity. Death following a brain hemorrhage with uncertain origin (all medical tests, detection of illicit substances, alcohol being negative). If Cedric had trouble finding his place in our society, our trade and his (short) life remain for me rich in many lessons.
    Read the eulogy that I wrote for him at his funeral to invite everyone to reflect on our differences
  • October 2007: Association with Florence Daumas to develop Easymetros “The subway map that speaks to you” (winner of the Concours Lépine 2009).
  • June 2006: Release of the book «Entrepreneur with a difference» co-written with Patrick Blanchet (Favorite Award of Advancia-CCIP book Entrepreneurship 2007).
  • December 24th 2005: Death of my mother, an exceptional woman, full of values, generosity and uncommon courage. And that’s the least I can say to pay tribute here!
  • November 2005: Creation of Easylife Consulting. Business of assistance to businesses in the development of adaptability solutions to simplify daily life with accessibility to all. Originally, the observation that disability is a source of useful innovations to all on the example of the remote control invented for quadriplegic people.
  • October 2005: Creation at Sciences-Po with Xavier Monmarché of the course «Being an entrepreneur nowadays».
  • First Quarter 2005: Buy out of the Visual Friendly assets by the webconsulting firm Kinoa.
  • August 2000/: Creation with three partners of the Visual Friendly company, a softwares editor (15 people) specialized in usability and accessibility of new technologies in order to:
    • TEST and validate compliance of web pages with accessibility guidelines and standards.
    • CUSTOMIZE and simplify the use of websites thanks to the «Label View» service which allows the users to adjust the page display according to their needs (size of screen, agility with the mouse, visual needs…).

    Visual Friendly is a pioneer in the field of web accessibility, which has become a legal obligation in France since the Act of February 11, 2005.

  • 1999 (second half): Studies in the AB Freeman School of Business (MBA from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA). Initiation to various water activities including kneeboard, wakeboard, barefoot… Important and essential for me to mix business with pleasure during such stay. The business aspect of it was above all the independent study on the “Visual Friendly” concept.
  • 1998-2000: Studies at ESSEC business school Specialization in Sales and Marketing Strategy. ESSEC was the opportunity to complete my original training course… And to discover more about student life through the many associations, the evenings as “The Night of the ESSEC”, “The hottest night” etc…
  • 1997 and 1998: France champion handisport in 100 and 200 meters sprint category B1 (B as Blind in English or «Bigleux» (squinte) in French…). Fortunately Aladji Ba, club teammate and first buddy, was not yet naturalized French. If not I would have finished on the podium in second place.
  • 1995-1998: Studies at Sciences-Po Paris. Specialization in Communication and HR or CRH (in French) as «Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel» as said by some fellows “Science-Pipo”.
  • 1995: Obtaining the baccalaureate in my high school home of Reims.
  • 1992-1994: Transition through the National Institute for Young Blind (Paris) to continue my education and learn Braille, computer, how to get around independently… “Be careful, white cane in sight!”.
  • 1992: Loss of vision after a brain tumor and first experimentation with water skiing.
  • 1987: Commencement of high school at the Sacred Heart of Reims… Including almost as many students as people in my hometown where I did my primary school. and lived previously.
  • 1986: First tackles, strikes, misses and goals in the training center of the Stade de Reims soccer team.
  • May the first of 1977: Born in Reims on the Labor Day… Ironic for a mother and a future boss! ☺