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« Entrepreneur with a difference » (June 2006, Jerome Adam & Patrick Blanchet editions DFR)

Favorite Award of Advancia-CCIP book Entrepreneurship 2007
From the acceptance of oneself to the importance of distinguishing happiness and pleasure, through the decision-making, intuition, enthusiasm … The book «Entrepreneur with a Difference» demonstrates the values that enabled me to overcome my disability and to be an entrepreneur. This testimony offers some daily guidelines with many anecdotes which then allow everyone to identify with. This book looks like a book of personal development, judging by readers’ opinions.

«Entrepreneurship it is tackling a situation, try to win, act and implement a project. Far from being limited to the creation of companies, undertaking
is a way of being, a true culture. It is being engaged, taking risks and believing in the future.»

The authors

Read more and discover the readers’ opinions (in French)

Feedback of the media:

  • «A book that is almost like a manual of happiness» (Regard sur le numérique)
  • «A breath of fresh air» (book fair of entrepreneurship 2008)
  • «Manual of the conquerors» (Le Parisien)
  • «A jewel of managerial dynamism» (L’expansion)
  • «This little opus should be reimbursed by Social Security, as it would be more efficient to treat France as well as many tranquilizers.» (L’entreprise)
  • «Very interesting book, full of hope and action.» (Blog

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Evidence in other books

“Normal people do not exist: chronicles of the “21 Days” documentary series” (Alexandra Alévêque, 2017, Robert Laffont)

“They are near us. We share the same world but who is really interested in workers, porn actors, nuns, illiterates or nurses?

I faced reality on the field, and let me put it bluntly: most people do not give a damn.

All those we met for the purposes of these documentaries are often just titles in newspapers, they are referred to but not actually shown. (…)” (The writer)

“Alexandra Alévêque is the author of the documentary series “21 Days”. As she tells us her memories of the shooting, she provides a highly accurate portrait of our society.
She draws a realistic and humourous portrait of these French people whose daily life she shared for four years.” (The publisher)

I had the pleasure of sharing with Alexandra some excellent moments, that she shows in “21 days being blind”, a documentary narrated in chapter 1 of her book.

Watch an extract of the documentary
More information on the publisher’s website

« The strength of difference. Paths of uncommon bosses.» By Norbert Alter (2012, PUF)

Editor’s note:

Children of migrants, handicapped, homosexuals, the self-taught, women… Uncommon bosses and leaders have managed to correct or reverse their destiny by turning their difference into means. However, they do not become “normal”. They lead whilst remaining clear-headed and distanced toward conventions. In fact, their outstanding success lies within an identity that connects both past and present, exclusion and integration.
It guides them to listen, to look and to analyse their environment, their identity and their relationship with others further than the “normal ones”. It enables risk taking for entrepreneurs and the creation of networks, complicity and solidarity. It is based on rare, subtle and exceptional social intelligence.
This book describes the process that allows you to master a stigma without ever forgetting it. In a larger scope, it explains that a stranger’s position translates the social experience of all those that belong to several worlds and who are simultaneously constrained by commitment and detachment. It suggests an “in-between” sociology.

Norbert Alter is a professor at the University Paris Dauphine and specialises in sociology of structures.

“How to develop your activity with your network of contacts ?” by Alain Bosetti & Mark Lahore (October 2012, Dunhod editions).

From the collection “I start up my business”, this book guides the entrepreneur step by step to help him gain awareness of his potential network and how to develop it in 5 steps:

  • How to build and develop your network?
  • How to successfully create your traile?
  • How to feel at ease during a networking event, even though you are shy
  • What are the 7 success oriented behaviours in networking?
  • What are the tools to use daily?

« Diversify your recruitment » (Geraldine Couget, March 2009, L’Express)

Many companies are working on the issue without really knowing how. Facing the fear of the police and the shortage how to recruit an audience naturally discriminated against: women, disabled, public suburban, black, Arab, senior … Given the complexity, large firms pole mount diversity recruiters: How do I talk about? Recruit people, their loyalty: implications on training and management. Analysis of the recruitment process … This guide gives the floor to experts as diverse as recruitment firms specializing diversity, La Halde, diversity managers of large companies, a social observer and economic such as La Face (foundation act against exclusion) IMS (take to the city) or MEDEF…

“Success” (June 2008 editions of Le Parisien)

The book ”Success“, published with the assistance of Vedior, portray 16 people whose paths illustrate the book’s subtitle: ”When work and enthusiasm raised the mountains” Of the 16 portraits: François-Xavier Demaison (actor successful, former tax lawyer in New York), Karim Oumnia (creator of the company Balliston, sports shoes super lightweight), Alain Baraton Curator of the Estate of Versailles and Trianon, a columnist on France Inter), Orianne Garcia (co-founder of, Eric Judor (actor of the duo Eric and Ramzy), Mercedes Erra (Euro RSCG), Aziz Seniya (Ata France and Business Angels in the Cities), etc…
Read chapter 9 which is devoted to me (in French)

«Those who commit» (Jérôme Cordelier, October 2007, the Academic Bookstore Perrin)

They are teachers, doctors, social educators, priests, or mothers. But they are also officers of large companies, financiers, musicians at the Opera and even… professional swimmer. They live in ” ghetto-cited ” or in beautiful neighborhoods in the heart of Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Normandy, or the mining area of the Vosges forest, all have committed ” a fight to the human to human “, according to their own terms. Some have chosen to exercise their profession in the first line on the social front. Others to invest outside of their profession. Some have even given up a prestigious position, a promising career, a whopping salary.
To fight against social and economic blockades, which the State can not solve alone, they invent new modes of action in solidarity, more pragmatic, more professional. These men and women lead a revolution: that of commitment.

«The resurrected» (Christine Kerdellant and Eric Meyer, October 2004, Flammarion)

It does not happen only to others … Who has not lived for himself or for a loved one, an accident, serious illness, an unexpected physical blow, coming change the course of its existence? Overnight, everything changed. Yet, faced with the ordeal, some sink, and others emerge stronger than before. Why?
The role of medicine is important, but it does not explain everything. What forces are mobilized to overcome the shock of those who were near death? Developed from experiences and interviews with doctors, psychotherapists and theologians, this book examines all the factors – environment, temperament, love, personal roots, religion, the fact to have a purpose in life … – that promote a “resurrection”. It also describes the new look that we carry on life when we almost quit. Very rich, very informative, a strong book and a message of hope. With the testimony of Lance Armstrong, Mireille Darc, Jean-Francois Deniau, Guy Roux, Hermann Maier, Patrick Segal, Philip Vigand, Marie Dubois, Jean-Marc Pilpulism, Jean-Pierre Bely, Philippe Labro…

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