Disability employment week: why should I necessarily talk about my handicap during my conferences?

“If you differ from me, my brother, far from hurting me, you enrich me” (St Exupéry in “Citadelle” book).

On the occasion of this week for the employment of disabled people, most of companies are going to increase actions to sensibilize their employees about handicap (situations, testimonials…). But why should I talk necessarily about my handicap this week?

If blindness is part of me, it doesn’t define me. No need being blind to talk about team spirit, complementarities, management of the unexpected, acceptation of one’s limits…

Simply, blindness enables me to bring an atypical perception, a less widespread approach, a particular sensitiveness to think out of the box.
When I searched a publisher for my book «To be entrepreneur with a diference» ten years ago, many of them told me: «We expect from you a book about handicap. Not about entrepreneur and initiative spirit.». Now I haven’t changed my approach, but I hope to have enough reflected and evolved to escape from the pigeonholes in which I could be enclosed.

So, that’s with a lot of pleasure I will do this week some conferences at BNP Paribas bank, Capemploi 34, Enedis (energy), Pole emploi services… With a lot of pleasure because for the first time during this Disability Employment Week, none of my speeches will be focused on disability… Whether by broadcasting the «Tandem conquest» documentary or by addressing the topic «Alone, you go faster… Together, we go further.».

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