Do not forget the ideological field even if it gains fewer votes

«Wanted: dangerous terrorist!
Profile: salsa dancer, lover of women, too hungry to follow the term of ramadan and known by police for violence.»

If the event in Nice hadn’t been yesterday evening so tragic, this announcement would seem a joke.

Yet, it seems to fit the profile of the barbarian who drove a truck on «La promenade des anglais» a night of July 14 (Bastille day/French national fest).

Admit that this profile is enough challenging and his religious motivations are not obvious.

However, our need to understand, to be reassured by believing who we are dealing with seem to prompt prefabricated analyzes, rapid speeches, throwing in their two cents. And we already hear of fighting relentlessly against Daech, Iraq, Syria, continuing state of emergency… Nothing new in fact.

It’s true that Daech encourages anyone who doesn’t have the means to go to Syria to become «soldier» in his own country and to multiply individual terrorist acts. But honnesstly could we imagine that such a profile would be similar of a terrorist?

So if the armed struggle and intelligence war against Daech are necessary, they won’t be sufficient to guarantee peace. How to re-enchant our society? How to promote nonviolence more than hate speeches and propaganda? How to prevent lost souls from yielding to these speakers?

To begin and even if it isn’t spectacular regarding the opinion, I would like here in this painful time to remind that it is crucial to fight as much against hate speeches and propaganda: treating the problem at the source by being severe and firm with those who have violent sermons, by promoting «debate» platform on the internet (such as Seriously)…

Yes it may gain fewer votes for the next elections although it will probably be more efficient to avoid regimentation and transformation of people into «soldiers» as desired by Daech.

At any level we can act, stop waiting for the solutions from «the top» be it the government or the gods…

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