Revealing anecdote…

For the first parents’ meeting with the teacher of our daughter (now in primary school) I took my laptop to take notes and do a sum-up for my wife (more convenient than a pen and a piece of paper when you are blind).

When we had to confirm/indicate our ID and data on paper, my neighbor helped me kindly and concluded: «That’s all now, I’m leaving you working».

Amazing, isn’t it? How was she able to think that I worked while the teacher explaining the class objectives, her method, the daily program of my child etc?

If I would have worked, even only sent e-mails, I would have frankly disrespected towards the teacher, lacked of interest for what our daughter learns. Facing a very dynamic, motivated and innovative teacher, yes it would have been inappropriate from me.

Nothing serious of course, but only the feeling that whatever the context is, we have prefabricated ideas, some automatical representations from which we have difficulties to escape.

Especially doesn’t this comment show our difficulties to dedicate one hour of our time to someone dear to us? Our inability to disconnect, to be available in order to be together, to be really together?

In any case now I’m well recognized at school! 😉

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