Series/Tandem conquest

Co-producer and founder with Guillaume Buffet of the short program «I can’t believe my eyes», we produced the six series and the documentary «Tandem conquest». All directed by Henri Poulain and produced with Story Circus Inc.

Our motto: «Humor rather than war».

«I can’t believe my eyes» series

Young, old, women, men, gay, hetero, black, arab, beliefs, disabilities… Some too sensitive subjects to be addressed with humor?

Why using humor? Because laughing creates connections and complicity. Because laughing together at our differences and blunders, we begin to know each other better. To better understand each other. To better communicate. Because humor allows people and topics to escape from their «boxes».

Broadcasted within companies and on the Web or TV, the series «I can’t believe my eyes» have been often awarded in short programs festivals or festivals dedicated to diversity and disability: «Jury Award» of In the box Festival; «Award for the best director» at Cannes 2014; «Selection and Award out of competition» at Nîmes 2014 Festival; «Communication Award» of Handica-Apicil Festival in 2013 and 2011; OCIRP Award in 2011…

«Tandem conquest» documentary (26min)


View from a drone

The documentary «Tandem conquest» tells of our Mont Ventoux (French mountain) ascent adventure with Guillaume Buffet… by tandem cycling 😉

A sport and humane challenge with a great deal of emotion and perseverance… and an unsual approach of managing risks, the unexpected and complementarity.

An approach that smooths the differences and even reverse the perception of disability.

The impending storm during the ascent made more picturesque and exceptional in this wonderful natural location (filmed with 5 cameras imagery: panoramic view; closeup from a Quad; drone; 2 onboard cameras).

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