Picture : Jérôme Adam at Deloitte

To boost team spirit, revisit management and achieve more sustainable individual and collective success, I propose you the following conference or workshop:

Individual and collective performance: alone you go faster… Together we go further!


  • «For us it is the skills that take precedence.»
  • «What we need is to stay tuned.»
  • «The differences are an opportunity and provide balance for everyone.»
  • «What matters is to act.»

So many postures displayed in organizations… But how to prompt creative connexions from individuals and promote team performance? How to really make the difference an asset to innovate? To what extent entrepreneurship spirit and supposed disabilities can be vital in managing and working together more effectively?


  • To consider difficulties as opportunities
  • To take risks and letting go of the need to control everything
  • To keep open minded and develop complementarities
  • Be yourself and rely on relays
  • To keep your course and manage the unexpected

References and feedback

References: L’Oréal, Essilor, Deloitte (seminars 2*200 people), EDF New Energy (board), BNP Paribas bank (managers from subsidiaries and headquarter), Décathlon Campus, Areva TA, Brico Dépôt…

Their feedback:

  • «I had very good feedback (even from trade unions, can you imagine!)»
  • «Thank you so much for this conference. The topic was very interesting and educational.
  • «I was really impressed by the entrepreneurship spirit of this person who doesn’t give up in front of hardships that are so many.»
  • «I will keep a very nice memory of that morning on 11/18. Time to listen Jérôme Adam telling us a piece of his personal and professional experience with great simplicity, without frills, with authenticity which makes to feel good… And also humorous. Jérôme really touched me because it was a lesson about live experiences in life.»
  • «Congratulations for the quality of your speech. And I loved your book. Reading your book should be mandatory for all employees, collaborators and managers. It is a nice lesson and especially it gives hope.»


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