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Daring, funny and unpretentious, Jérôme Adam doesn’t pull his punches!

His experience and life challenges made him aware at an early age that a single decision can change your life forever. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player. Soon, he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit.


A Practical Conference Packed with Fresh and Positive Insights

Performance and Teamwork

Boost team spirit and achieve more sustainable individual and collective success.
This conference offers unconventional insights into the management of talent and complementarities.

Discover a story that challenges conventional wisdom in the documentary Tandem Conquest, which follows Jérôme Adam and his colleague as they ascend Mont Ventoux.

How can collective goals and personal ambition coexist? How can individual talent and collective performance be harmonized? Executives, managers and professionals… do you want to build an effective team?

“Alone, we go faster… together, we go higher!” is an unorthodox conference that has something for everyone and offers practical solutions to daily challenges.


  • regard d’un adulte sur un groupe d’enfants

The Weight of Another’s Gaze

Whether you’re eight years old, eighteen or eighty, this story is still relevant.

Discussion with my daughter this morning on the way to school:

My daughter: I like going to […]


“A meditation on everyday life.”

Engineer TechnicAtome, TechnicAtome

“Jérôme touched me deeply.”

Employee, Brico-Dépôt

“It was a true life lesson.”

Employee, Brico-Dépôt

“A beautiful teaching that offers hope.”

Sophie Savoca, Supply Chain Manager, Essilor

“A radiant and optimistic strength.”

Rozenn CONAN-BRUANDET, HR Director, Galapagos Group

“Jérôme is a bit like the steam roller of positive thinking.”

Rozenn CONAN-BRUANDET, HR Director, Galapagos Group

“Taken by his courage in the face of adversity.”

Rozenn CONAN-BRUANDET, HR Director, Galapagos Group

“Impressive and overflowing with humility, positivity and hope.”

Employee, Brico-Dépôt

“A wonderful sense of humor.”

Rozenn CONAN-BRUANDET, HR Director, Galapagos Group