L’OCCITANE Foundation Team Building with Jérôme Adam

The L’OCCITANE company and its cosmetic products, everyone knows… its foundation, much less. And yet here is a foundation that has concrete impact without making noise. It is all the more with great pleasure that I have spoken during the team building that gathered the Foundation’s collaborators. 

Objectives: to strengthen team spirit and to work better together. A team spirit now well present, but no need to wait for the difficulties to change and improve the bases. 

The program of my intervention:

  • Unlocking his blockages through the others and embarking upon by accepting not to control everything.
  • Sharing the same goal and respecting the different personal motivations.
  • Communicating with franchise from his feelings and avoid taking feedbacks as a matter of personal remarks.
  • Working on his listening quality and exercising discernment.
  • Keeping his course and managing the unexpected.

I really encourage you to discover the L’OCCITANE Foundation. Here are some words about it from its website:

“The L’OCCITANE Foundation was created in 2006 to drive and bring together the actions of public interest in which L’OCCITANE had already been involved since its beginning in 1976.

With an annual budget of more than € 1,000,000, the L’OCCITANE Foundation supports every year some fifty projects of general interest. They are chosen for their concrete impact on the ground and cover three fields of action:

  • Fighting avoidable blindness: As L’OCCITANE is a sensorial brand, it makes its products accessible to those deprived of the sense of sight. Since 1997, the company writes down the name of the products in braille on most of its packaging. The L’OCCITANE Foundation chose to continue this action by committing to support the fight against avoidable blindness around the world within its program UNION FOR VISION 10by20.
  • Promoting women’s leadership: In the early 1980s, Olivier Baussan discovered the Shea butter in Burkina Faso, which will later be used in the L’OCCITANE products. The Shea butter is made by women who play a major role in social and economic life. The Foundation chose to expend this partnership focusing its action on economic emancipation of women in Burkina Faso.
  • Preserving natural heritage: Nature is the first source of inspiration for L’OCCITANE which uses more than 300 ingredients of natural origin. The Foundation chose to get involved in initiatives promoting the transmission of natural heritage and the valorization of the Provence territory.”

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