A force de prendre des initiatives, des portes inattendues finissent par s'ouvrir - Jérôme Adam - Conférencier Entrepreneur

Who hasn’t grown discouraged because personal or professional projects did not move ahead as quickly as we would like, or worse, went nowhere?

Above all, don’t give up! Dedicate yourself even more and keep forging ahead. There are a host of reasons why your situation may appear to have reached a dead-end: maybe you’re not really ready or you have yet to find the perfect partner; or maybe you have to modify your game plan for your intuitions to come to fruition…

“When you follow your bliss… doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” (Joseph Campbell).

Example 1 : While studying in the US, I wanted to take a moonlight canoe tour in the Louisiana bayou, but I couldn’t find anyone go with. By dint of talking about it, I received a call two hours before departure: a call from two German students who heard about my project from a Swedish professor I met through a Turkish professor with whom I had gone dancing to Cajun music.

NB. Today the Internet would most likely make this a bit easier. 😉

Example 2 : I met my wife, Corinne, at a wedding I didn’t want to attend for fear I would find myself alone, surrounded by people I hardly knew. I brushed off my apprehension and went. And to think that a few weeks before, a friend had asked me, “Why don’t you look for someone who is blind like you? Wouldn’t it be easier?”

Example 3 : Professionally, I have met a number of clients and important contacts at events I did not want to attend for practical reasons. With experience and time, it’s true that we learn to target more efficiently… but I won’t elaborate on this example because it’s far less compelling than the two above. ☺


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