La politique des petits pas : un bon remède pour gravir ce qui nous apparait être une montagne - Jérôme Adam - Conférencier Entrepreneur

2018 is barely underway. Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have the impression you’re staring up at an unscalable mountain? Does what is asked of you or waiting for you seem complicated, far off or even beyond your reach?

To see more clearly, grow more confident and realize that it is possible to get things done, how about starting with the easy and simple things? Try the “baby steps” approach. It will win you over.

Last week, I dove back into the 20 pages of text I must learn by heart for my new conference to be able to present it in public without notes. At first glance it appeared to be a colossal undertaking. I had my previous conferences down pat and was able to give them with little preparation. Bye-bye comfort zone! So I put my nose to the grindstone. I learn and memorize one little section at a time. Smooth sequences appear; themes become clearer… in short, I’m making progress.

Another situation: Ten years ago, a friend asked me to meet his father-in-law who was losing his eyesight. He had worked his entire life in publishing and wanted advice on how to keep reading using computer technology. The day after our meeting, my friend gave me the following feedback: “What meant the most to my father-in-law was not your technical help; it was when you told him, ‘Now, every morning, you will put toothpaste on your own toothbrush. You will no longer ask your wife to do it. You can do it.’”

I love this anecdote—so simple, so revealing.

“Big changes start with small steps. Lay one stone a day, every day, and the building will grow. Overcome doubt and laziness. Keep your mind ever vigilant. Observe, understand and love.” Dugpa Rimpoché


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