Jérôme Adam by tandem cycling with the three ESSEC students

After more than eleven hours of flight, a short night and nine hours of time lag, I answered, while pedaling, the questions of the three ESSEC students from “La quatrième Roue du Carrosse”. Among the topics of this video directed end of June in the Venice District:

  • Back to our encounter with the students and my sponsorship of their adventure that led me with my family in the United States.
  • Two decisions that changed my life: one simple that allowed me to meet my wife, the other more complex linked to my studies around the idea “Why wouldn’t it be possible!”
  • The know – how and inspiring anecdotes drawn from my trade with my Tulane University marketing teacher. 
  • My commitments in health, education and Society (the think tank Renaissance Numérique, the ESSEC foundation).

In short, no need to always imagine complicated things to act and move forward. Small things/tips can really serve as a click and make decisions.

Watch the Youtube video (in French)

Interview vidéo en rosalie à Los Angeles : décisions clefs, petits trucs et déclics

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