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François Laporte

2019-05-06T14:23:00+02:0014 December 2018|

«The powerful breath of life is present everywhere around Jérôme: in is ability to mine positive energy from the deepest recesses; in his feelings felt [...]


2018-04-23T15:07:45+02:0012 February 2018|

« Jérôme Adam’s testimony is impressive and full of humility, positivity and hope! » « I will remember fondly this morning of November 11 spent [...]

Sophie Savoca

2018-04-23T14:35:39+02:0012 February 2018|

« Kudos on the quality of your conference and I loved your book, which should be required reading for all employees, associates and managers. It [...]

Martine Smadja

2018-04-23T14:35:44+02:0012 February 2018|

« Fascinating! Congratulations to Jérôme Adam—an excellent speaker and a fine example of a dynamic entrepreneur full of positivity. »

Paul-Eric Laures

2018-04-23T14:35:53+02:0012 February 2018|

« Dazzling presentation, and how time flies! Thank you for your talent to adapt. Thank you for the material, its pertinence and its effectiveness. Thank [...]

Marc Goussal

2018-04-23T14:35:57+02:0012 February 2018|

« I had excellent feedback from both management and personnel representatives and I regret not having been able to be there. Looking at the glass [...]